The RESGEN project CT95-37 "Constitution, description et gestion dynamique des ressources génétiques riz (oryza sativa) à vocation européenne" was funded by the European Commission.

This collection is composed of 450 accessions resulting from the pooling of the European breeders' working collections (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece). The collection has been phenotypically characterized with 52 descriptors. The evaluations conducted in several sites and seasons targeted agronomical traits including field behavior in response to main pests and diseases and salinity, and traits related to grain quality. Additional information has been obtained on leaf reaction to inoculation of strains of Magnaporthe grisea (the principal diseases affecting rice) representative of the European diversity of this fungus. The genetic profile of the accessions at 14 microsatellite loci is also available. Data on these accessions have been collected in the framework of the CT95-37 RESGEN project called "Constitution, description and dynamic management of rice genetic resources of European vocation" supported by the European Community, DG VI.

The genetic resources and the evaluation data were provided by the 7 partners of the project:

  • CIRAD, France
  • Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias (IVIA), Valencia, Spain
  • Centro de Investigaciones y Formación Agraria (CIFA), Sevilla, Spain
  • Estacio Experimental del Ebro (IRTA), Amposta, Spain
  • National Agricultural Research Foundation (NAGREF), Cereal Institute, Thermi-Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Istituto Sperimental per la Cerealicoltura (ISC), Vercelli, Italy
  • Estaçao Agronomica Nacional/Instituto Nacional de Investigaçao Agraria (EAN/INIA), Oeiras, Portugal